Tanner’s concept is unchanged & unchallenged

Economical — Easy to Install — Easy to Use

Getting the proper anti-freeze to the proper place at the proper time is fundamental to preventing downtime and increasing productivity with compressed air lines.

To stop air line freeze-ups, introduce a few drops of a Tanner De-icant into your airline using a Tanner Dispenser.

Once the Tanner De-icant is introduced into the air line, the fluid bonds to the moisture in the air stream, prevents it from freezing and allows it to exhaust through the pneumatic components.

What You Need to Know

Prevent condensed water vapor in compressed air lines from freezing.

  • Down to minus 72 °F ambient temperatures at full line pressure (minus 40°F for NoTox2®)
  • Low dew-points not dependant on reduced air line pressures
  • De-icing is continuosly effective — does not degrade over a period of time — a unique bonding agent additive adheres to moisture
  • Effectively prevents freezing whether or not an after-cooler is being used and if oil carryover from compressor is experienced
  • De-icant feed is automatically proportioned to air use (Except in Frosto Vaporizer and TriFluid Injector)
  • De-icant feed is approximately 200 to 300 PPM basis weight or volume — nominal rate is one drop per 20 cu.ft. of air used
  • Operating cost for de-icers is most often pennies per hour

A Tanner Dispenser precisely delivering a Tanner De-icant: that’s a Tanner system!


Please contact Tanner Systems to find a dealer near you!

You may be wondering why Tanner Systems does not provide a list of its dealers online. The answer is that due to the seasonal nature of Tanner product sales, most of our dealers are not fully versed on all the technical aspects of our product line. We believe you will receive the best service by calling Tanner Systems at 1-800-461-6454, so our product experts can help you determine which Tanner Systems is best for you and then put you in contact with a distributor that can sell you our products. 

Thank you, Jon Watkins, President

Custom De-icing Solutions

Need a Tanner System that handles operating pressures greater than 200 PSIG (14 kg/cm2)? We custom-build systems to handle virtually any pressure requirement and any size air line. Contact us for a free quotation.

Cost of a Tanner System

The only costs are the purchase of the Tanner Dispenser and the Tanner De-icant as needed. Starting at a few hundred dollars, a Tanner System is far less costly than expensive air dryers. The truly important comparison, however, is to the enormous cost of being shut down!